Today is the era of technology and smart devices are creating buzz. People are using different means like mobile browsers to notebooks and tablets or smartphone to visit your site. You need to create a great user experience. Is your Web site ready for this? With a responsive design, your site detects the type of device every site visitor is using. This technology is surely the future of web development and offers numerous benefits like easier SEO, improved sales, and increase reach. This is why; more businesses are turning to responsive web design. Be with your audience everywhere, anytime with the responsive design.


Does your website need additional exposure? Marketing and advertising have come a long way over the years. The evolution of technology has undoubtedly changed the advertising and marketing game for business owners. Nowadays, the amount of traffic seen by a website is a gauge of its popularity. Building a website is relatively easy part. However, getting website traffic and tracking results is crucial for website success. It is possible to find shortcomings of the site, by analyzing the statistics of visitors. Track website in terms of the viewer’s count, geographical locations and where they are coming to your site, etc.


A website is the finest medium to communicate with an audience from all over the world. That is why; it should be designed in such a way that users get attracted and engaged on the site. This is when a website can reach its targeted audience efficiently. Visitor expectations are changing and Interactivity is one way to give your website visitors what they want. Web site interactivity thus forms to be a very important ingredient in web design. Turn your Internet presence from a billboard into a decision-maker and broaden your online reach with an interactive website.





Success Story


Google recognizes ZoomYourTraffic’s Key Customer in its Annual Economic Report!

Yes, we have won the Marathon! Zoom Your Traffic is proud to reveal its achievement in its Search Services Segment. Our client Automotix LLC, USA has been recognized by Internet giant Google as the business in spotlight from the state of Kansas, USA for 2012. In turn client has paid rich tributes to our team’s help and support to achieve this!

Hi ZYT Team,

Thanks to you, Automotix made the spotlight.

Our company was selected to be featured as Google’s spotlight from Kansas.

See here …

I’m very thankful for your efforts and results delivered over the past 5 years! We should keep delivering and building our brand further in the coming years….



Efi Gershom


Automotix LLC, USA

We are humbled by this recognition and appreciation. Also, proud that our sincere efforts and right SEO strategies have paid rich rewards in positioning our customer’s business at its rightful place.

We have been associated with Automotix since 2005. This long term association encouraged us to implement and experiment different SEO strategies. In last 2/3 years we have faced many challenges as Google changed its search strategies, algorithms. Google Panda and Google Penguin updates were really tough for all SEO service providers. However, our determination and consistent efforts in right direction helped us to drive Automotix through this turbulent period and coming out on top!

Some of the key activities handled by ZoomYourTraffic as part of this Online Promotion Campaign for Automotix includes

  • 20+ blog accounts with over 35,000 page views
  • 9 Facebook profiles and 15 Facebook pages having 20000+ page views
  • 10 Twitter profiles with more than 4000+ followers
  • Development and management of over 500 minisites
  • Managing, Monitoring and Driving over 1000+ different online entities to bring traffic, reputation, value and business


We will celebrate this for sure. A party is already been announced early next week and everyone will chill out. However, the responsibility to take this forward lies with us too. We are aware of the potential challenges that await us in the online world. We need to keep reinventing, realigning and repositioning our online approach and strategy to keep delivering top drawer results and solutions to keep the Automotix flag flying high!!

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